About Us
The site was founded by Yan Pronin who is passionate about pricing and its application in various industries. Yan has 15+ years of progressive leadership experience overseeing pricing and revenue management at world's largest resorts: Caesars Entertainment, Tropicana Entertainment and SLS Las Vegas. Yan, also, has advised Warner Bros., Disney, and Toyota Motors on innovative ways of optimizing revenue and other analytical initiatives. Currently Yan serves as a Global Director of Pricing at Vanguard Logistics, world's top NVOC.

Yan holds an MBA from University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics from Penn State University, and BBA from University of Minnesota Duluth (cum laude).

This Blog is devoted to developing best practices in Revenue Optimization, educating anyone curious about fascinating world of pricing and, of course, learning and educating ourselves on the subject.

Currently the blog has a small team of freelance contributors and we are looking for more.

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(photo: Yan Pronin at USC Marshall School of Business)
“You can't always get what what you want”
(Mid 20th Century Philosopher M. Jagger)


If you are a pricing expert (or even just think that you are one), and want to publish an op-ed piece please send us an e-mail.